The Rock Paper Show is a high energy, audience participation, one on one elimination tournament hosted by Comedian MC Scott Patey.


The Rock Paper Show started in 2010 when Patey and friends (producing partners), Brian Fredricks and Joel Fortin were in search of a comedy venue. After stumbling into Kitsilano’s Corduroy restaurant, the eager crew found exactly what they were looking for—an ideal spot for stand-up comedy. After 5 successful sold-out shows, Patey and company moved the stand-up show to a bigger venue downtown. But the owners at Corduroy loved having the group around and suggested that they do a weekly show: “It doesn’t have to be stand-up or improv… do like a game show, like a Rock, Paper Scissors Tournament”—Eugene Bouthot (owner of Corduroy).  After some planning and promoting, the first Rock Paper Corduroy show happened in February 2011. With an intimate beach side restaurant, a focused charismatic group of friends and Patey’s undeniable stage presence, Monday nights soon became a staple in the Kitsilano community. Audience members started filling up seats and the show was selling out week after week. With 8 years and over 400 shows, it’s only gotten bigger and better. Come see what all the fuss is about every Monday night at Corduroy in Kitsilano.

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Wondering what all the fuss is about?

Come find out yourself. Rock, Paper Corduroy happens every Monday night at Corduroy Restaurant.
Monday Nights
1943 Cornwall Ave (Kitsilano)
Call and Reserve your table
+1 (604) 733-0162