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“Over the past 5 years we have hired Scott for Plenty of Fish as an MC and host for a variety of our different event formats, and he has greatly exceeded our expectations every single time. 
He’s highly collaborative, an absolute pleasure to work with, and a consummate professional. Most importantly, he is hysterically funny and completely commands a crowd.
I remember one specific instance where he had a club of over 700 people fully engaged, and laughing for hours. Whatever and whenever our next event that requires a host is, we’ll hire Scott. I can’t recommend him enough.”
Shannon Smith

Public Relations and Communications Manager, Plenty Of Fish

“I have worked with Scott for a number of years on many different events for RAW. He is professional, funny and really knows how to entertain a crowd.”
Michelle Bylow

Canadian Executive Director, RAW:natural born artists

“Scott was so much fun to work with! He and Meaghan were professional and hilarious! They read the vibe of our corporate group, made jokes catered to our employee’s, and had everyone laughing for over an hour straight.  Communicating with Scott prior to the event was easy and left us feeling confidant that the event would go smoothly. Thanks for all the laughs!!”
Natalie Racette

Corporate Office Manager , JOEY Restaurant Group

My experience with Scott involves casting him for the on-set role of Sonic. Although Sonic is a animated character ultimately created through CGI, Scott provided invaluable performance reference as he acted alongside Mr. Carrey, Mr. Marsden and Ms. Sumpter. Scott is one of the most versatile actors I’ve ever met, which led me to nickname him my ‘swiss army knife’ because he could handle every comedic/dramatic challenge I threw at him.

Jeff Fowler

Academy Award Nominated Director, Blur